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What’s on the cards for Australia?

What’s on the cards for Australian Online Blackjack? A good question and one that can be answered by signing-up and opening and new Online Casino and Blackjack account with us here at Lucky Nugget online Casino. Simply click on the “Download Software” button below, or on one of either the “Download” or “Instant” buttons above, and you’ll be able to acces the best Online Blackjack Games in Australia.

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Playing Online Blackjack in Australia

No matter where in the world you are and no matter what casino you are playing at their will always be only a certain amount and type of Blackjack Games available. In fact, the rules of Blackjack are generally determined by the law or gambling regulations of the area in which you are playing, or by house rules. These rules are generally posted on or near the table if the Blackjack is being played offline and will be available via the Casino Software for Blackjack Games played online.

Did you know?

Even though the majority of them are not available in many casinos there have been over 100 variations of the game of Blackjack recorded since the game was first recognised way back in 1601. The game has changed in many ways since then and is hardly identifiable with the original form of the game. Online Blackjack is not included as a “new form” of the game, because it uses the same rule sets as all modern land based Blackjack Games.

Online Blackjack and the “House Edge”

It has been said on more than one occasion that Online Blackjack (and its offline cousin) is one of the only Casino Games to offer fair odds when playing at a casino. But what exactly does this mean, and what are the fair odds?

Firstly is must be noted that as with all casino games, Online Blackjack incorporates a "house edge". This “house edge” is a statistical advantage that is built into the game that will give the house “the edge”. This “edge” is the the advantage of the dealer's position in Blackjack if the player busts. This is because the player losses regardless of what happens to the dealer (including if the dealer also busts).

However, if you as the player simply use basic Online Blackjack strategy you should on average only lose about 1% of your wagered amounts. This percentage is VERY favourable when compared to other Online Casino Games that rely more on luck than on skill.

Please Note! The loss rate of players who do not use, or who use basic strategy incorrectly, is generally MUCH higher than the expected rate mentioned above.

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