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A Brief Guide to Online Baccarat

Baccarat has been around for centuries. A popular table game at physical casinos, you can also find baccarat available online at most web casinos. Before you jump in, review the game's basic rules to ensure you don't make any costly mistakes or experience unnecessary confusion at the start of the game.

Basic Baccarat Game Play

In baccarat, the winner is the player whose cards total nine or come the closest to nine. The first digit in the tens place is dropped when you're adding your two cards. For example, if you get a three and an eight, your total is one, since you're dropping the "1" from "11."

Cards two through ten are worth face value, while jacks, kings and queens are worth ten points each. An ace is worth one point. Depending on house rules and what you draw in the first round, you might have to take a third card.

Baccarat has both players and a banker, with the banker being the person the players are betting against. There are variations in different versions of online baccarat, so check the rules of the online casino edition you're playing before you start.

Online Casino Bonuses

Some casinos offer promotions to new members. A good promotion is the deposit match bonus. You deposit playing money for baccarat and the other games you want to try on the online casino and the casino matches your deposit up to a certain amount. Rules and limits vary by casino, but some websites offer as much as $500 to $1000 in free bonus money if you make the qualified deposit amount.

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