Play Online Pokies in Wagga Wagga Casinos

Pokies are online slots machines that are very popular in Australia in particular, allowing players to enjoy their favourite slots games wherever they happen to be located.

Pokies come in various styles; for the traditionalists there are classic fruit-machine-style slots complete with fruit icons and lucky sevens, or if you like games with a bit of a back story try the themed video slots.

TV and film characters feature in video slots and you can follow them in mini games and special features that add a little extra fun to your games.

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Spin Special Icons to Access Mini Games

Spin a set of bonus icons on one of your win lines to get access to mini games and win prizes or extra spins. Wild icons substitute for anything else, so they can create a winning line with other matching symbols and scatter icons can be anywhere in sight to give you a win; more scatter icons means a bigger prize or more free spins.

Standard icons win you prizes when they are lined up on a win line that you have chosen to play; the harder a set is to get the better your return will be and there is usually a key that tells you what each set of icons is worth.

Aim High for Progressive Jackpots

Wagga Wagga casinos have progressive jackpots on many of the online pokies that grow as you play. These jackpots can become very big.

They are created from a tiny portion of each stake on lots of linked machines and any one of the machines can win the prize or a part of it by spinning a special combination of symbols; they will be different on different themed casino games but each will have the same possibility of being spun. Once a player wins the jackpot the total prize money goes to him and the process starts over again.

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