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Lucky Nugget's Orange casinos is a great place to play online casino games such as pokies, blackjack, roulette and video poker. Gaming is big business in Australia and this has moved onto the internet with online casinos. Now Australians can play casino games whenever they want, wherever they want as long as they have a computer and internet connection; in fact, people from around the world can enjoy playing the games. At Orange casinos, players can even change language and currency settings.

Online Pokies

Online pokies are a huge part of Australia's online casino industry and have proved to be popular with players from all around the world. Hundreds of pokies, or Australian style slots games, have been created and many if not most of them have been developed for online play.

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Pokies were developed for the internet in the nineties and many of the games are adapted from popular classic pokies games, so favourite titles are now much easier to find. Of course, there are also new pokies games being developed and released all the time.

Playing Pokies Online

Pokies games online are easy to play so even players who are new to either the games themselves or online gaming in general should be able to pick up how to play in a short time. Those already familiar with pokies games offline will find they are able to use this knowledge to help them in playing online, as the games have been adapted to be as close to the offline versions as possible.

There are classic and video pokies to play, along with mega-spin pokies and progressive pokies. Mega-spin pokies offer more chances to win and progressive pokies are the games with larger jackpots. Mega-spin pokies allow a player to play multiple pokies games at the same time and progressive pokies are games that have a 'progressive' jackpot. This means the jackpot is always increasing until somebody wins.

Players can have a great time playing pokies online and all have the chance to win big.

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