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Pokies are Australian slot machines. They are a great way to have some fun and maybe win some cash. For any visitors to Mildura casinos are easy enough to find, but if you are new to gambling or not confident with mixing with the local players, online games may be perfect for you.

If you have a smartphone device such as an iPhone casino games are easily available to you; just download the software and away you go. Online staff will be happy to help you get started and many games can be played for fun with no real-money stake so that you can get the hang of them before putting down the cash.

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A poker face is not so important when playing a game in which you cannot be seen, so take advantage of your iPhone casino and bluff your way through the poker tournaments to the high rollers' table without your expressions giving you away. Pokies come in all styles and levels of complexity, from classic pokies where you just spin the reels to the more sophisticated video slots with mini games and quests, bonus spins and characters from TV and film.

Try Your Luck at Progressive Jackpots

If you choose to play a slot with progressive prizes a tiny portion of each stake you place goes into the jackpot, along with a part of the stakes from many other machines. This builds up a big jackpot that can be won by any of the players on the connected machines getting the winning combination of symbols and then usually playing a mini casino game, which may determine what portion of the jackpot they will win.

These jackpots get very big as the winning combination is hard to spin, but you also play the games on your individual machine and can win those, so the jackpot is a bonus.

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