You can win big in Launceston Casinos!

Better than an online casino, Launceston casinos give you the opportunity to play in a fun and lively environment, a completely different gambling experience as you sit across from your competitors! A night out in Launceston casinos is a great choice for hen and stag nights, birthday parties and more!

Not only can you try your hand at a wide variety of games and slots but you can also enjoy live entertainment, great food and a sophisticated cocktail bar.

A fabulous casino party package

If you have something to celebrate why not try one of Launceston casinos party packages which include a three course meal, entertainment and even some gaming lessons. If you are new to gaming the free lessons will help you feel more confident when you hit the gaming tables for real!

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Casino Games and Bonuses

Casinos in Launceston have plenty of choice when it comes to games. You can try your hand at roulette, poker, black jack and baccarat to name a few. If you prefer slots, there are lots of slot machine games to choose from and a wide range of jackpots to be won.

Poker tournaments are very popular and they are held regularly. If you are a keen poker player check out the tournament schedule to find a skill level and betting budget to suit you.

Anyone over eighteen can use a casino and if you attend regularly then you might like to register for a membership or loyalty card which will give you access to even more benefits. Simply sign up and you will be issued with a loyalty card. Each time you play at the casino or even dine or drink there you can pick up points on your card.

At the end of the month these are converted into credits which you can use to play more games. Look out for special offers such as the opportunity to win double points on certain weekends or special combination dining and gaming offers.

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