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Although there are no bricks-and-mortar Hervey Bay casinos it is easy and fun to play online. Hervey Bay is a beautiful place in Australia in which to play online casino games. Internet connections are so fast and accessible these days and there are plenty of wireless hotspots, allowing people to sit and relax on the beach, in a park or wherever else they choose while playing on their laptops and mobile devices. There is no need to be confined to a room, the casino can be wherever the player happens to be.

Online Pokies

Australian slots games on the internet are called online pokies, which have many varieties and have become popular all over the world. There are variations of the game, but the most commonly found and most popular are the online video pokies with five reels, multi-lines and some type of bonus game. The objective of the bonus game is usually to win extra free spins, but there are other types as well. The games will also usually have some kind of theme to them.

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How to Play

Online pokies are simple to learn and play. The games are completely left to chance, so unlike poker, there are no special tips or strategies a player can employ in order to win. Everybody's chances of winning are equal. There are buttons to click on in the game that enable play.

A digital 'coin' is used to start the game and a player chooses an amount to wager, what lines to play and other things. Pokies are slightly different from other slot machines but the differences are easy to discern.

There are lots of different pokies to play, such as progressive jackpots, Cherry Red and Pub Fruity, for example, or there are the non-progressive classics, such as Pharaoh's Fortune or Diamond 777. There are also video pokies and many others.

Hervey Bay Casinos provide a great way to play fun games in wonderful natural surroundings, whether someone is playing online pokies or another game.

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