Cairns Casino at The Reef Hotel

The Reef Hotel is home to one of the largest casinos in Queensland and it is the only major gaming venue in the appealing city of Cairns. Many people will visit Cairns in order to soak up its tropical climate and perhaps head out on a diving trip to see the real life reefs that lie beneath the waves.

However, if you happen to book a room at the Reef Hotel then you can also enjoy a casino environment which has more than a thousand slot machines on offer and close to 50 table games to play. You can partake of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, pokies machines and many more gaming types during your stay.

While the hotel is luxuriously furnished, the atmosphere is very relaxed, so you can really get into the swing of things during your stay without having to push through an excessively dense atmosphere at this Cairns casino. When you are not gaming and enjoying complimentary drinks at pokies machines there are plenty of other things to do within the hotel complex itself.

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There are four different restaurants on offer which are conveniently close to one another, allowing you to dine in a variety of venues during your visit. You can also take advantage of two different bars, both of which have outside seating so that you can catch some rays while you enjoy your beverage.

A conference centre means that many people will visit the casino to relax after chewing the fat over work related matters all day. There are great promotions running in the casino every day of the week, so you will feel most welcome.


When it comes to entertainment, this Cairns casino will give you more than enough to grab your attention when you are away from the tables. Regular live music, dance acts and shows from a variety of performers can be caught within the hotel complex, so in all the experience will be entertaining in a number of ways.

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