Adelaide Casino assets and opportunities

If you are visiting Adelaide then you may want to check out its main draw when it comes to gambling and entertainment, which is of course the casino that is run by Sky City. Simply named Adelaide Casino, this venue is packed with plenty to see and do, so you'll not be bored if you decide to head there during your stay.

Casino Games

There is almost as much variety as you might find at an online casino here, with 1000 different gaming machines and 100 different table games at your disposal on the casino floor. As well as being able to play the slots and enjoy games like roulette, there is also a dedicated area for poker within the casino, sensibly known as the Poker Zone.

High rollers can head to the VIP Gaming Lounge where you will be treated to top quality service from dedicated staff, all while enjoying the games of your choice.

Eating & Drinking

If you want to tuck into a tasty meal or enjoy a drink or two then the Adelaide Casino has lots of different places that will satisfy your needs.

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The premiere restaurant in the casino is known as North and it serves contemporary cuisine alongside an extensive wine list to discerning guests.

Those who want something with a bit of an Asian influence should head to the Signals Bistro, while for a more basic but equally satisfying experience you can visit the Casino Buffet or Cafe Junction. The Grandstand sports bar is the place to go to watch every big match, while the Chandelier bar is the best place to get cocktails and enjoy the refined settings.

Just off the gaming floor you will find the Balcony Bar where refreshments will be available to keep you in good spirits while you gamble.


There are plenty of other ways to entertain yourself during your visit, via regular live performances from DJs, dance acts and plenty of other groups to catch your attention. This will please those used to using online casino services.

Looking for more exquisite Australian casino locations? The Brisbane casino offers players great gambling options and won’t disappoint with its hotel accommodation either.

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