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There are all kinds of online casino games that you can play at home and, as they become more popular, the choice of places to play is increasing. Most companies will offer you bonuses when you sign up, so have a look about for the offer that suits you best.

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Online Card Games

Classic casino games such as poker and blackjack can be played at most online casinos. So, if this is your type of game then pick a site and get started. Be sure to check the rules on each site you play on as rules may change from site to site, especially with poker. Blackjack will usually be played against the machine, whereas poker can be played against many other real players. Big bonuses and prize pools are often up for grabs if you do well in tournaments which involve a series of games leading up to a grand final.

Online Pokies

This is the name for online slot machines used most commonly in Australia. Online pokies have a wide range of different themes and ways to play; the most common is the 5 reel version which almost always has bonus games and special features. Slot machines have many possible win lines – straight across, diagonal and sometimes zig zag – and you can choose how many you want to play. More lines give you a higher chance to win but will cost you more for each spin.

Online Progressive Slots

Online Progressive Pokies link up a group of slot machines allowing the players in each of them to play for a big bonus pool, which is created by taking a tiny portion from the stake of each spin. The prize builds in this way until it is won by someone, usually by getting a special win line feature. This is on top of the standard games being played on each machine by the individual players.

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